Network and Know-how

Auden AG, based in the German federal capital of Berlin, invests in carefully selected start-up ventures within its local region. Its formula for success is based, in addition to its own business model and experienced team of professionals, upon its ability to provide strong ongoing support to its portfolio companies through its network and expertise. Its close working relationships and conscientious monitoring of the investments which it undertakes thus play a critically important role.  In its investing activities, Auden AG strives to serve as an enabling vehicle through which family offices and private investors can make early-stage investments in young, up-and-coming companies within Berlin’s vibrant business community.

Through its stringent pre-selection of targets and active oversight of its portfolio companies, Auden AG offers family offices, institutional and private investors the means to participate in investment opportunities in a high-potential market which can be not only highly complex but also difficult to penetrate without close local connections.

In this way, the family office is also spared the considerable time and effort of undertaking searches, negotiations and due diligence examinations.