Auden AG sells investment stake in Expert Systems GmbH

Berlin – 14. July 2017

Auden AG, the Berlin-based investment company, has announced the sale of its investment participation in Expert Systems GmbH. The company is the operator of, Germany’s leading internet evaluation platform for the service sector, and a provider of software solutions for recommendation marketing. Auden has sold its ownership stake to a strategic investor with a long-term commitment to further developing the company. Under the terms of the deal, the purchase price and other transaction details are subject to confidentiality.

Just over one year ago, the purchase of the ownership stake in Expert Systems GmbH marked the first investment transaction for Auden AG following its takeover and reorganisation into an investment company. “We’ve very pleased to be able to already complete this exit after such a short period of time,” says Christofer Radic, CEO of Auden AG, pointing with satisfaction to the positive business performance of over the past year. “This transaction provides Expert Systems GmbH with the access to the long-term capital base to ensure the platform’s continued success.”

For Auden, the exit transaction after such a short period marks a notable success, as such venture capital investments typically involve a holding period of four to six years, or even longer. “We very pleased that this exit opportunity arose after such a relatively short time, thereby also helping us to focus on our core portfolio, as already announced in the second quarter,” adds Radic. “We will prioritise the reinvestment of the proceeds of the sale into our core portfolio holdings.”

Speaking more broadly about Auden’s portfolio and business, Radic continued: “All of our portfolio companies are performing well, and as already announced over the past weeks and months, we are focusing all of our energy and resources to maximise our engagements in these investment holdings.” Auden AG has, on this basis, once again confirmed its financial plan for the current fiscal year and is, in the company’s view, on course to achieve its financial objectives.



Christofer Radic

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